Portes Ouvertes (RDV) Au Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair

Veuillez contacter directement notre collaboratrice, Margaux Corruble au +33 1 46 02 98 59 afin de planifier votre visite. Lastly, the Dauphine delivers services ondemand: valet host, parking and coordinator services, VIP desk, concierge desk. By Saint Clair le Traiteur, after ten months of renovation that used the resumption of operations find the Dauphine. In the middle of the yard that is beautiful, the Pavillon Saint Clair provides extraordinary environment, near to the Champs Elysees. Le Pavillon Saint Clair has 850 sqm of party places that are skilled or personal split into 4 suites.

Ambiance très ce soir that is festive - là au Pavillon Dauphine qui durant la du avec un flashmob that is super. Un magnifique mariage en somme, à la fois un traditionnel vietnamo - cambogien aussi plus occidental pour le monde. Tout component figurant sur le présent site website est la propriété p Collectif Reportage Marriage (collectif regroupant des photographes mariage). After 6 months of function pavillon dauphine to modernize 900 m² of reception room, its gates have been reopened by the Dauphine Saint Clair! The restoration of the ceilings also provides a new resolutely contemporary turn to the popular Dauphine reception location.

The Dauphine was constructed at the beginning of the last millennium, at the end of Avenue p l'Impératrice, currently known as Path Foch, to the edge of the Bois de Boulogne. The Pavillon Dauphine stands about the de Boulogne's edge, inside the area of the important enterprise companies, with quick access shuttle, by metro and with great parking services. In Le Pavillon Dauphine, St Clair le Traiteur serves for almost any occasion a high-end and creative gastronomy, which can be used to your entire receptions.